Why Peak?

The perfect partner for your investments.

At Peak CRE, we focus on specialization, customization, and agility. Not wanting to overcomplicate our model, we decided to focus on a few things and do them extremely well.

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Charting new territory in commercial real estate

Brokerage Representation

We work hand in hand with the owner to quickly and efficiently get the most out of their assets with a focus on building a long term relationship.

Property Management

We place every dollar toward its highest and best use and treat the property as if it were our own. We give you the tools to be successful.

What Makes Peak Unique?

Our competetive advantage


We have three generations worth of experience.


We have managed a vast range of assets throughout the US.


We started in owner management and understand the value of a dollar.


We consistently bring new technology into property management, allowing us to more effectively serve our clients by enhancing the tenant-landlord experience and interaction.


Our intimate approach allows us to be more hands-on and customizable to better serve the needs of our clients and their properties.


We recognize each property is unique and requires its own custom style of management.


Communication is priceless. We pride ourselves in having an open, frequent line of communication with our clients.


Our senior level team members are highly trained and experienced.

Working with Peak

Innovators at the forefront of the industry

We want to revitalize the industry by bringing what we believe the others in the marketplace had lost—honest communication, care, strong work ethic, and innovation. We specialize in asset management while working with the best teams to realize the greatest returns for owners and investors.

Community Insights

We utilize our existing network to keep you connected to the people and industry trends that matter the most.

Brokerage Partnerships

Our hands-on partnerships allow us to customize and better serve our clients.

Ready to take the next step?

We take pride in our ability to collaborate with our clients to set and achieve our goals together.

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